• Fig tree in Angkor Wat

    ephemeral Angkor 0

  • common owl (caligo eurilochus), Sayn, Germany

    ephemeral Butterfly 0

  • in remembrance of the Warsaw Uprising in 1944

    ephemeral 44 Warszawa 0

  • grown in a misty freezing night

    ephemeral Spider web 0

  • falling gingko leaves

    ephemeral Leaves 0

  • ice crystals grown during a foggy night with a temperature drop to minus 13 °C

    ephemeral Frozen

  • Angkor Wat

    ephemeral Angkor 2

  • Frangipani flower on granite, Hampi, India

    ephemeral Blossom 0

  • Królewski Ogród Światła 2022/2023,  Pałac Wilanów, Warszawa

    ephemeral Ogrod swiatla

  • roadside, Guilin, China (2010)

    ephemeral Souvenirs 0

  • repaired vehicle after aging, thick putty plus coating layers are flaking off the hood

    ephemeral Flaking off a hood

  • sealing fishing boats, Saint-Louis, Sénégal (2018)

    ephemeral Kolprene 0

  • seen in Stocznia Gdańska, Poland (2006)

    ephemeral Clock 0

  • after sunrise with minus 13 °C measured near the ground, most probably the air above was already warmed up by the sun, leading to an upper fata morgana of the star

    ephemeral Upper fata morgana

  • silo wall, former sugar factory, Pelplin, Poland (2015)

    ephemeral Silo wall 0

  • Ptolemais, Cyrenaica, Libya

    ephemeral Tesselation 0

  • residents in Angkor Wat

    ephemeral Angkor 3

  • abandoned play ground in Las Kabacki, Warsaw

    ephemeral Basket

  • Rhodes, Greece (double exposure)

    ephemeral Forest fire 0

  • victims of drought and bark beetles, Brocken, Germany (2020)

    ephemeral Dead trees 0

  • sunrise after a foggy night with a temperature drop to minus 13 °C

    ephemeral Fractals

  • Ptolemais, Cyrenaica, Libya

    ephemeral Tesselation 1

  • Angkor Wat

    ephemeral Angkor 1

  • BRDecline

    ephemeral BRDecline 0

  • seen in Kerala, India

    ephemeral Chain 0

  • morning scene in Algerian desert

    ephemeral Hoarfrost 0

  • farmhouse, rural surroundings of Bangalore, India

    ephemeral Entrance 0

  • playground, schoolyard in Shanghai, China

    ephemeral Playground 0

  • market scene, Shanghai

    ephemeral Dead fishes 0

  • scrap metal market, Niamey, Niger (2009)

    ephemeral Container 0

  • Kappil beach, Kerala, India

    ephemeral Crow 0

  • autumn leaves in Las Kabacki

    ephemeral Leaves 1

  • floating house, Tonle Sap, Cambodia

    ephemeral Reflections 0

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