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A lot we have in our head,
But things of heart aren't yet dead,
They've done none, but just fled,
Out of us, forgotten, just bled.



I obtained my Ph.D. in 1987 in organic chemistry. During a three decades lasting industrial research period my focus shifted to colloidal systems with the emphasis on the self-assembly of anisotropic nano-sized objects in aqueous phase.
From 2020 to 2023 I was granted the privilege to pass on my modest scientific insights and professional experience to future scientists as research fellow at Paderborn University. Scientific publications are listed in my ORCID record. Some unpublished oddities and esthetic footage are on my site sequitur.


Since 1975 I've adopted photography as an accompanying part of my private and professional life. No wonder that yields cumulated in times when I was on the move, in particular to African and Asian civilizations. Hopefully, the sometimes mesmerizing "exotic" didn't get stuck in the "tourist gaze" as John Ury and John Larsen entitled the "cultural imperialism", the photographing of the world through "ethnographic filters".

The contents of this site covers my digital period which started in 2005 with a 4 Mpx sensor.

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